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Because of the change to our Area Meeting name we are changing all Area Meeting email addresses from to

The new addresses are all functioning and should be used from now; the addresses ceased to function.

This means that you will also need to change any Area Meeting and Friends email addresses in your Address Book or Contacts to This can be done by simply replacing the part with - all names and roles remain the same. As all the data for personal email addresses has recently been collated for the 2015 List of Members and Attenders we are hopeful that all the addresses are correct

The new website of Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting is

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"Quakers Llandod" Facebook group

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To access the "Quakers Llandod" Facebook group.
The intended purpose of this group is to provide a place where information can be posted that is relevant to the Llandrindod and Pales Meeting of the Society of Friends. It has been created as a discrete "Group", as such it is only available to those who have applied for, and been granted, membership of the group, and that is intended to be members and attenders of the Meeting.

Because it is a social networking site it allows friends to comment on the postings, add their own postings, etc. This is an experiment which I think may work and be benificial to our Meeting, if it isn't it can be scrapped or ammended, for example, it could be made more public, if Friends wish it to be. It will only work if enough Friends sign up for it. It is up to us to decide how it can best be used.

The general purpose of social networking sites is to communicate with a wide group of
friends/contacts, anywhere in the world. If you want to use it in that way, you must choose to do so.

The "Group" environment allows you to only sign on for that page, you do not need to become "friends" with anyone to access the group. You choose.

To access this group you must sign up for Facebook. Before doing so I strongly advise that you read their terms, to do so go to http://www.facebook.comllogin.php. then click on the "Sign up for Facebook" link. When this page opens click on the word "Terms" which is among a line of words begining with "About", at the foot of the page. If, having read the terms, you are prepared to sign up revert to the "Sign up" page and fill in the required information. You will need to create a password.

Once you have signed up you will be invited to link to friends, only do this if you want to. There is a "search" box at the top right of Facebook pages type "Quakers Llandod" into that space (without the quotation marks) and that should provide an opportunity for you to apply to join. This is as far as you can go until I pick up my e-mails and see that you have applied, at which point I will "confirm" you, and then you will be able to access the page. At the moment all the input into the page is from me - that is not the way it is supposed to work!! I am only demonstrating posibilities of how the group could be used.

If you want to post something just start typing in the space where it says ''write something". If you want to add something or comment on someone else's post, click on the word "comment" and a space opens for you to type your comment. If you want to support a post ( Someone writes "I like apple pie", you don't want to qualify it, or argue against it, but you do want to agree, just click on "Like". That's about it.

If you have chosen to invite friends (possibly including other members ofthe group) to be your friends on Facebook, or if you have confirmed anyone else's invitation, their postings will appear on your pages. "Satus" postings are what appear when you type in the space "What's on your mind?", these are public to all your friends, also your, and their, comments are public, as are ''wall to wall" communications, however;"messaging" is private and only seen by the sender and the recipient. Also you have a chat space available where you can communicate in real time, only seen by sender and recipient, I've only done that twice, it is a bit halting, but can be good. A little box down in the bottom right shows how many of your friends are on-line at that moment, click on that and it tells you who they are. Click on their name and you can start typing "chat" to them; chat is not

Any queries just ask Peter Hussey further, have fun with it!!

We have quite a lot of photos there!