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Margo S
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"Be still and cool in thy own mind" Fox
---- ways into the stillness
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Absolutely gorgeous retreat!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Looking forward to the next one!!!

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Angela Coleridge
Posts: 1

This was a time and place apart in the deep company of F/friends and the grandeur of the Pembrokeshire cliffs . We were seeking together for ways into inner stillness - ways to unclutter our congested lives and touch a living presence. It was a joint venture to give and receive from eachother. We brought our own learning, shared our discoveries and drew from sources which had inspired us. Meditation exercises, gentle yoga practices, the music from Taize, the Experiment with Light – each were part of this rich offering. St Nons itself surrounded us with a glorious stillness, overflowing with warmth and welcome. This was indeed a time and a place that will have touched each in a unique way. Thank you!

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