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Pales Meeting House

The Pales Meeting House is at Llandegley, Powys - about 8 miles north-east of Llandrindod, off the A44. It is the oldest meeting house in continuous use in Wales. Its location, high up in the Radnor hills, means it has magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. As a thatched building, it is very rare in Radnorshire, and is one of only two thatched meeting houses in Britain.

The Pales as a Quaker site dates back to 1673, when a burial ground was established. In those days, persecution was rife, and the remote setting was ideal. Later in 1717, it was possible to build a permanent Meeting House. The Pales with its thick stone walls and unusual thatched roof, looks across unparalleled views of central Radnorshire and is renowned as a local beauty spot, as well as a site of special religious and cultural significance. The meeting was never large, however and reached a low ebb in the mid 19th century. A Quaker School In 1867 a school was established which ran successfully until superseded by state education. One teacher was the American Yardley Warner, a prominent campaigner for the rights of slaves, for whom the Wardens Cottage was built. There followed undefineda zealous period, coinciding with the Welsh Revival. But in time numbers dwindled, and the cottage ceased to be occupied by friends, although meetings for worship continued throughout. In the late 19701s Quaker Wardens were re-established and the graveyard restored, the cottage renovated and the meeting house itself re-thatched. Restoration work has continued and now the Pales is again a perfect venue for workshops, retreats etc. where the natural beauty of the surroundings, and an abiding spiritual atmosphere are valued contributions. Its primary function continues to be, as always, a place of worship at which all are ever welcome.....


The Meeting House is used for meetings for worship at 3 p.m. every 3rd Sunday

Apart from this, it is open all day, every day, all the year round for visitors, at no cost. It is also available for letting to groups who value the peaceful spiritual atmosphere
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The Pales, near Llandegley
Llandrindod Wells
United Kingdom

Hours of operation:
8 am - 10 pm


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