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Peter H
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30th October @ Aberystwyth Meeting House, 10:30 for coffee, business from 11.  Topics - Sustainability, Working with Woodbrooke on spiritual nuture, Celebrating the Quaker Way.

I reported, briefly, on this Meeting after our Meeting for Worship, today, 31st October.  I missed a very important point which has arisen in the national Cytun meeting.  Wales has been a Fair Trade Nation for some while.  There is now a move to become a Nation of Sanctuary.

Swansea is already a City of Sanctuary, and there are moves to incorporate Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham into this status.  Ideally a nation of Sanctuary would have at least six cities committed, but Wales has a problem with that!! The suggestion is, therefor, that a number of towns take on that status.  Like the status Fair Trade town, this is achieved by a number of organisations having policies which allow it.  In this case, policies of welcome and openess.  One of the slogans of this movement is "No one is safe, until we are all safe."

Can we begin to move Llandrindod, and through it Wales, to take on this concern?  I can raise it at the next Cytun meeting.  I know our next PM already has a full agenda but it would strengthen my arm at Cytun to have a supportive minute.

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