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Meeting for Worship

A Meeting for Worship is a practice of silent waiting for the Spirit, silent worship in the presence of the Spirit of God.

People enter the meeting room in silence. Meeting for Worship begins as soon as the first worshipper arrives. In silence anyone may speak as led by the Spirit. Everyone present takes an active part in the Meeting whether through vocal ministry or through silence.

A Meeting for Worship may start with a query; something to think about during Meeting. The query is most of the time based on one of the Quaker testimonies. Meeting will then sit in silence for an hour.

If an attendee is provoked to share, they can stand up and speak their mind. At a few meetings, some people will stand up and read a Bible or Quakers Faith & Practice or sing songs or recite poetry. It is considered rude to get up and leave during a meeting.

The Meeting closes when Friends briefly shake hands with those around them. Meeting for Worship is usually followed by announcements, introductions and tea.

Meeting for worship is always open to new attenders, and people are welcome to simply arrive at the door. Please feel free to download a leaflet  Your first time at the Meeting.

 Llandegley, near Penybont, signposted on A44 and A488)

Meeting for Worship
every 3rd Sunday at 3 pm at Pales

every Sunday apart from 3rd Sunday at 11:00 am in Llandod